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Protected Territories
The total protected area in the Strandja mountain is 5395.6 hectares comprising about 5% of the whole territory. The protected sites include nature reserves, protected regions, natural monuments and historic sites.
Access of tourists to the Protected Areas is allowed. Visitors must observe certain rules.

· Veleka in the region of the villages Brashlyan, Zvezdetz and Stoilovo - Interesting flora, fauna and rocks.

· Paroria in the region of the villages Zabernovo and Kalovo - Visitors can see the oldest and thickest Strandja tree. Historians assume that the area has been the home to the mystic Orthodox school of Gregory Sinayt.

· The Marina River visitors can find almost the entire assortment of evergreen bushes of the Strandja Mountain.

· Rudenovo, situated in an old East beech forest in the region of Slivarovo, this protected area holds the largest formation of Strandjanian blueberry.

· Dokuzak - situated in the region of Malko Tarnovo; holds the most substantial formation of the endangered Crimean tea.

· The Veleka River Mouth - in the region of Ahtopol, Brodilovo and Sinemoretz. Protected are the specific coastal vegetation and the sea shelf.

· Silistar - near the village of Rezovo. Protected are the rocks, the sand band and the diverse vegetation.

· Bosna, Krivinozovo, Kalkata and Moriane are proclaimed protected areas so as to preserve the nests of rare and endangered species of birds.
Nature Reserves:
· Silkosia - area 396.5 ha, situated near the village of Kosti. It is the first reserve in Bulgaria established in1933. 260 types of plants can ... Nature Reserves
Protected Nature Sites:
· Protected sites status is given to separate plant and shrub formations and centuries-old trees such as the oak-tree near the village of Zvezdetz, ... Protected Nature Sites
Protected Territories
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