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01. Nature
 When you head to the most Southeastern part of Bulgaria to Malko Tarnovo, or along the sea coast to Ahtopol and Sinemoretz, you soon get into the gentle embrace of the broadly lying mountain chain of Strandja mountain. In less then an hour later you will be in the heart of the national park of the same name, the biggest ... Nature
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Protected Territories
02. Protected Territories
 The total protected area in the Strandja mountain is 5395.6 hectares comprising about 5% of the whole territory. The protected sites include nature reserves, protected regions, natural monuments and historic sites. Access of tourists to the Protected Areas is allowed. Visitors must observe certain rules. · Veleka ... Protected Territories
Activities and Events
03. Activities and Events
 Whether you want to try out something new, hone your existing skills or thrill to the physical and mental challenges of something more demanding, Strandja is the ideal active holiday destination.Strandja offers a wide range of outdoor pursuits to suit your preferred pace and element, whether its fishing, cycling, hillwalking, ... Activities and Events
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The People
04. The People
 With the exception of the coastal settlements, the Strandja inhabitants belong to the East Rupian ethnographic society. Their dialect resembles the one of the people in Rhodopi Mountain. In the park itself there are 19 villages and 2 towns with total of 9000 inhabitants.In Strandja the processes of urbanization have not ... The People
05. Settlements
 Like the mountain itself, most, if not all settlements in the region, have something unique to offer to the curious explorer, be it a special tradition of the local population, part of the village history, beautiful landscape or an interesting archeological site. ... Settlements
· Ahtopol  |  · Brashlyan  |  · Brodilovo  |  · Bulgari  |  · Fakia  |  · Goliamo Bukovo  |  · Gramatikovo  |  · Kosti  |  · Malko Turnovo  |  · Mladezhko  |  · Momina Tsurkva  |  · Sinemoretz  |  · Zvezdetz
Useful Information
06. Useful Information
 Here you will find basic information on travel to Bulgaria (transport, visa requirements, currency, etc.) as well as some practical details on trips to the Strandja region (best time to visit, ways to get there and around, approximate cost of food and lodging, etc.) ... Useful Information
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