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The sight to Central Strandja, viewed from its wide mountain plateaus, is captivating and unforgetable. Its undulating round ridges, covered by thick green forests form an endless chain without striking steep summets or severe rocky peaks, so typical of the other Bulgarian mountains. The little villages with their pastures, medows and little fields are sparsely scattered among the waves of this infinite green sea. This is the landscape in the region where the greenery grows in the East side of the mountain between the villages of Slivarevo, Vizitza,Bulgari and Brodilovo, and also South in Turkey. The West slopes - towards Malko Tarnovo - are more rough, rocky and severe. Two ridges dominate the mountain - Rezovsko and Bosnensko. The Rezovsko ridge continues in Turkey and the highest Bulgarian peak of Strandja (Goliamoto Gradiste - 709 m) is located on it. On a nice day you can look at the Black Sea from the peak. The Bosnensko ridge is the North border of the Strandja National park. It is almost paralel to the Rezovsko ridge. It starts from the peak of Kervansarai on the Bulgarian Turkish border and finishes South of Tzarevo. The valleys of the rivers Veleka and Rezvay, flowing through the park, are really captivating with their numerous picturesque meanders. Veleka "enters" Bulgaria via a beautiful rocky gorge. The thick morning mists are a popular phenomenon along the lower coarse of the two rivers in the summer. Viewed from the mountain ridges they create the illusion that the Sea has come to the mountain and has formed numerous gulfs and fiords. Almost the whole territory of the West part of the park is covered by karst. There are impressive hills and slopes formed of huge rocks, gorges and rifts.
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